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Attention: You've Just Made the Most Important Decision of Your Life!
To change! But I want and expect more from you. I wish you a complete transformation. How do we get there? Well I'm sorry to say taking one of my boot camps is not going to accomplish that. If I told you that I'd be a complete douche bag liar. I know there are a few companies out there that claim they can accomplish this.  Transformation requires everyday expecting more from yourself than anyone else or what the situation calls for. So what is Transformation? Transformation is simply the art of taking action. Going from Zero to Something. Transformation requires consistency, focus, and constant refining. Ok. Enough with the hocus pocus crap. Zen philosophy bullshit. I can hear your minds grumbling. "Where are the pickup lines? So how you do you get same night pulls? So do you get that threesome? Hell how am I able to even approach one girl without acting nervous, stilted or flat out freaking weird?"
First, let's go into the female mind. Women as I'm sure you know are extremely sensitive intuitive creatures. They feed off energy. Especially strong dominant masculine energy. Let me start by freeing your mind of a few STUPID myths....
Myth #1: Women don't like sex as much as men.
Fact #1: Women like sex even MORE than men. So stop listening to your mom, your lame friends or politically correct dating coaches. Listen to your inner man. Yes. Your caveman. That says I want ASS and I want it now. Women have 10 nerve endings in there erogenous zones while men have only 4. Women can have up to 30 to 50 orgasms while a man would be lucky if he could have 3. Yes. It's possible.
Myth #2: Women don't like to be ravaged or enjoy rough sex!
Fact #2: No women don't like being inappropriately touched or FORCED into having sex. But many do love when a man takes charge and dominates them in bed. Very feminine women love to be submissive. Even Alpha Bad Ass chicks want an even more BAD ASS ASS KICKING GUY.
Myth #3: Hot women only date movie stars, athletes, wealthy men or mean abusive jerks.
Fact #3: Women date all different types. The truth is a woman needs to see about 5 to 9 different sides to personality to even come close to feeling complete attraction for you. That's even before their Vasopressin (bonding chemical) kicks in. From my experience that usually takes 5 to 6 dates. Maybe if the sex and rapport is really good. 
Myth #4: It's not okay to approach women during the daytime.
Fact #4: Many women only wish they could be approached during daytime rather than by some lame guy who after 3 to 5 drinks finally had the courage to orbit around them for 20 minutes and spit out some lame pick-up line. 
Myth #5: It's creepy to go out to a club, bar, event or party by yourself.
Fact #5: While some women who are sheltered, perhaps lack depth or self-development may feel this, some of the best Casanova's of our generation actually prefer to go solo.
Myth #6: You need catchy pick-up lines or routines to pick-up girls.
Fact #6: While some girls and situations warrant using indirect methods such as clever openers and some short simple routines, the situations almost never require long stacked routines or slick pick-up lines. In fact women can see right through that crap without even knowing it. Direct methods usually work better on girls who are ripe and ready. It's more masculine and usually will lead to better results.
Myth #7: You need solid "air-tight" game to get the girls you want.The best is game is NO GAME.
Fact #7: While you need a certain amount of social skills, you don't need nearly as much as you think. You think if some toothless bum with a beer gut and great game approached Cindy Margolis or Pamela Anderson in their primes, do ya think he'd end up sleeping with her? NO. He's probably sleeping next to some other bum with you guessed it BETTER GAME. What you need is consistent focus, a genuine love for women and self seduction.
Myth #8: You have to neg girls and act as if you're higher value to conquer them.
Fact #8: If you have to neg girls, means you simply aren't higher value. It means you're lower value. The fact that word VALUE even comes into your mind means you're feeling somewhat lower value. 
Myth #9: You have to be in a monogamous relationship or date a girl several times to get some ASS.
Fact #9: That's the old "hope and pray" model of dating that's been around for only the past 100 years or so. Where women needed to be courted, wooed with favors, gifts and commitments to engage in sexual or promiscuous activity. The new model of dating is while some girls do still stick to this model of dating, it's not true of all girls. In fact a good percentage of girls have engaged in one-night stands and even some have had successful relationships as a result, despite what politically correct relationship coaches may say. 
Myth #10: The girl gets to decide when it's time to have sex.
Fact #10: True. But not true. You get to decide. You decide by making the 1st move. She only gets to decide after you make the 1st move. This isn't Hollywood. Even in Hollywood, if you don't make the 1st move, she probably won't 99% of the time. Women are more passive creatures in the seduction process and hate to feel like they've aided in their own seduction. While men are hunters by nature and lead in the art of seduction.
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